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    • Jan032020

      Change – My last 10 years

      I do feel a little cliched (& late to the party!) posting the decade comparison image above, but it’s a…

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    • Oct312019

      Connection, what’s it all about?

      This is Karen, one of the beautiful souls that came to my & @jogabeats Ibiza retreat 2 weeks ago. Karen…

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    • Sep122019

      Staying present, gratitude & celebrating life

      The sun has set on a beautiful summers break. With it being my first holiday of the year, I was…

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    • Aug292019

      Embracing change – the challenge men face.

      I did an Insta live with @thisisamyrushworth last night & a topic came up again that I’d like to write…

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    • Aug202019

      Learnings from Ishaya Monk, Sandy Newbigging

      I spent the last few days in the Catalan mountains with my friend & mentor @sandynewbigging. Sandy & I originally…

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    • Jul172019

      Getting out of my comfort zone…

      Deep down I’ve always wanted to be able to sing, but I’m not good at it, not good at all!…

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    • Jun062019

      Masculinity…my truth.

      Let me tell you about what masculinity represented for me growing up as a child. As a boy of the…

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    • Jan152019

      Why the nakedness?

      I frequently get asked “why the nakedness”, & quite understandably! Some of my imagery is pretty out there & does…

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    • Jan032019

      Why we fail at our NY resolutions

      Here we go then, it’s that time of year, new year = new me. It’s a natural period for lots…

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    • Sep192018

      Body Confidence – where I think it really comes from

      With Tess Holliday appearing on the front cover of Cosmopolitan magazine, I’ve read a lot of blogs around body confidence…

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    • Jul182018

      Live your truth

      In a world where so many masks are worn, I’m here to push boundaries and live outside of society’s norms…

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    • Jul062018

      It’s your life – are you taking accountability?

      “There’s so much energy out there in the judgement of others. If some people used half the energy they use…

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    • Jun242018

      Starve your ego, feed your soul

      I believe it’s possible to live fearlessly with the freedom to go after a life full of purpose & meaning.…

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    • Jun012018

      The Man in the Arena

      “It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where…

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    • Apr232018

      World Earth Day

      Having been offline this wkd, I am a day late but wanted to share a message about #worldearthday. As I’ve…

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    • Apr112018

      What’s your purpose?

      We are all different, we have different needs, challenges, likes & dislikes. What works for me won’t work for others,…

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    • Apr052018

      The power of vulnerability, episode I

      I’m here to to get out of my comfort zone & make a noise about things that I’m passionate about.…

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    • Mar212018

      Who would have thought, breathing gives you wings!

      Thanks to some incredible sessions with @xhalebreathwork at @methodmovenent I’ve learnt that breathing gives me wings. 6 years ago I…

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    • Mar072018

      A story about my images…

      Now as some of you may have noticed, my recent posts have been less nakedness & more mindfulness & meditation.…

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    • Feb252018

      My #promisefortheworld

      I often write about the importance of behaving in a way that makes us proud of the person we are.…

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    • Feb142018

      Happy Valentines Day

      Happy Valentines Day ❤ beautiful people. Today has passed me by this year, I really haven’t stopped to give Valentines…

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    • Feb092018

      Quiet your mind, and your soul will speak

      In my hometown of London we live in the fast lane, rushing from place to place, rarely stopping to check…

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    • Feb072018

      New beginnings?

      So this is a slightly different type of image for me. Only partial nakedness and my face almost visible, I’m…

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    • Jan222018

      You are the CEO of your life

      It may be a strange question, but are you aware of your role & responsibility as the CEO of your…

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    • Jan102018

      What does it mean to be an Active Man?

      Top London based activewear store Active Man, asked me to write a message about what it means for me to…

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    • Jan012018

      Happy New Year – here are my 2018 goals

      First and foremost, HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!! I hope you all enjoyed celebrating with friends & family & aren’t paying…

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    • Dec062017

      And off to the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul.

      Life in London is what I would consider hectic. We rush everywhere, headphones in, mindlessly barging past others heading in…

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    • Nov282017

      They say I dream too big. I say they think too small.

      I am here with an open mind, a big dream and a plan as to how I can bring that…

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    • Nov052017

      Inner peace is the new success

      As a young adult I had no clear direction for what I wanted from my life, especially when it came…

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    • Oct222017

      Freedom lies in being bold

      Too many of us exist in a life that wasn’t meant for us. Without our own clear thoughts and direction…

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