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    My philosophy

    Do you ever wonder why you make choices that you know don’t truly serve you?
    Or why you self sabotage, destroying things that actually really matter to you?
    On the contrary;
    How often do you feel in flow, truly aligned with the person you want to be?
    Do you live a truly fulfilled life?
    I offer a range of coaching tools to help you get into alignment and a more fulfilling way of living.
    From individual 1-2-1 sessions that meet your own needs, to carefully curated 6 month programmes, my intention is always the same, to help you:
    • deeply understand who you are,
    • locate and move beyond your blockages,
    • expand your potential
    • create a vision for what it is you truly seek
    • step into that life

    No one teaches us how to live a fulfilling life, or how to live to our potential.

    We go through life chasing what we think we want,
    But does it really fulfil us? And are we living to our true potential?

    As a human potential coach who has helped thousands of people create life changing transformation, I can confidently say, we’re not.

    And for 30 years of my life neither was I.

    I followed the path of what I thought would see me thrive. For me as a man, that meant to become unemotional and chase financial success and female adoration.

    I did a pretty decent job, and managed to present a “successful” life.
    But deep within, there was a nagging, uneasy sense of “is this it?”

    I felt like my life was lacking meaning and purpose. Perhaps that’s something you’re feeling too?

    Looking back, I can see I was right to question things.

    There really WAS something missing all along….

    When a life coach accidentally entered my life over 10 years ago, I wasn’t looking to change, but I soon found myself shedding who I unconsciously thought I needed to be, and becoming who I really was.

    A challenging experience, but an incredibly liberating one….

    I was expanding my personality and allowing more potential to come alive, which was enhancing my relationships and whole experience of life.

    And as I was evolving, a realisation came to me;

    If someone like me, who was previously so closed to change, was now growing like I was, then anyone else can too.

    So I decided to go “all in” and dedicate my life to helping others achieve the transformation I have.

    I’ve since spent over 10 years studying key human behavioural education;

    • NLP
    • Life coaching
    • Logotherapy
    • Meditation
    • Breathwork
    • Human Potential, the list goes on.

    Which leads me to where I am today…

    A Human Potential Coach with a custom-built programme –

    “The Wealth to Fulfilment Blueprint”. An introspective experience that will ensure you have more joy, purpose, and fulfilment.

    My work has taken me into leading publications such as

    The Independent, Forbes, Grazia, Esquire & Men’s Health, as well as some of the most recognisable daytime shows including Sky News, This Morning, Talk Radio & Heart FM.

    When you work with me, you’ll discover how to truly live a BIGGER life.

    Do you want to:

    • Feel more alive and inspired about the life you live?
    • Have deeply loving and meaningful relationships?
    • Uncover a more expansive potential and live beyond your current limitations?

    If you’re answering “Yes” to any of these, DM me the words “LIVE BIG” and I’ll tell you all you need to know…

    To download my free eBook that will give you a fascinating insight into understanding how you could be unconsciously hindering yourself that’s potentially ruining your life experience, click on the link below:

    “6 Ways Successful People Unknowingly Keep Themselves STUCK and How They Can Become FREE Again”





    I currently have availability to work with me 1-2-1 on my 6 month programme below:

    Proposed schedule (this is a guiding framework – it will be adapted according to your journey):

    Week 1/2– Understanding who you are (Understanding your behaviour and the role of the ego)
    Week 3 – Breathwork embodiment: (Uncover what’s holding you back)
    Week 4 – Breathwork processing and integration
    Week 5/6 – What’s holding you back: (Understanding fear and moving beyond your limitations)
    Week 7 – Breathwork embodiment: (Releasing shame, welcoming compassion)
    Week 8 – Breathwork processing and integration
    Week 9/10 – Why you’re not yet fulfilled: (Understanding happiness and your deepest values)
    Week 11 – Breathwork embodiment: (Connecting to your heart / archetype work)
    Week 12 – Breathwork processing and integration
    Week 13/14 – Implementing change (Empowering you to move beyond what has held you back)
    Week 15/16 – Uncovering purpose: (What is it you really seek? Do you even know, most of us don’t…)
    Week 17 – Breathwork embodiment: (Connecting with your deeper values)
    Week 18 – Breathwork processing and integration
    Week 19/20 – Creating your identity: (Setting you up to be the person you want to be)
    Week 20/21 – Future self Integration work: (Building you a new map for who you are going to become in the future)
    Week 22 – Stepping into freedom: (Becoming your most powerful, free, liberated, purposeful self)
    *We then have 2 spare weeks in amongst the programme to bring additional energy to whatever is required.


    The programme contains a mixture of pre-recorded educational content, live coaching calls, transformational breathwork workshops, alongside introspective journalling / workbooks that debrief the learnings & offer powerful introspective questions to facilitate self-mastery and growth.

    Through this programme you’ll get to understand yourself on a deep level and how to let go of what holds you back to give you the freedom to live a fulfilling, purposeful and meaningful life thereafter.


    “It’s been an absolute privilege to work with Ben. He is truly authentic, compassionate, and engaging. He genuinely cares about each person on the course, and provides support, guidance, and a listening ear throughout the process. He is so sincere, and that makes such a difference. Ben brings a warmth, kindness, and humanity to his work, which helps create a safe space to explore emotions, connect with your body, and deepen your self-awareness. This experience has been truly transformational.” Rose

    “Working with Ben on this program has been an incredible journey, challenging yet beautiful at the same time. Not only does ben lead with compassion and kindness, he provided a space that I felt completely safe to share my truth without any judgments. This has honestly been a journey full of realisations, clarity, openness, truth, acceptance, compassion, love and a lot of growth. I can’t believe the change I’m feeling in myself since doing Ben’s program.” Lisa

    “To have access to content like this is a privilege…. All the information you’ve shared was so important for me to boost my confidence and continue my path of self growth” – Angie

    “So many aspects of my life that Ben has brought to me attention for me to work on, Ben is always in my front row, always checks in and the loving heart space he works from is like nothing I have encountered before.” Judy

    “This has been a great programme and one that I think everyone would benefit from.” – Karen

    “It was a beautiful experience that I will treasure, the willingness of the group to open up and be vulnerable was beautiful to witness, and meeting Ben was truly magical. He is a beautiful soul whom I feel I can share and connect with without judgement, just pure love, I feel blessed to have met him and grateful to have tools I am taking and implementing in my continued journey.” – Nikki

    “It was a truly magical space that was created each week, thank you!” – Adam

    “The programme allowed me to see parts of myself that I didn’t know existed. Whether it was past traumas or a fantastic version of my future self, it all led me to believe that everything is possible. It was an excellent investment. I wish everyone could do this at least once. Having a phenomenal coach who actually gets you, is worth every penny.” Qudsia

    Want to talk?

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