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    Introduction to Breathwork

    I use breathwork as a tool to expand your potential by offering 1-2-1 sessions specific to your needs, or through a powerful 15 week journey that will take you from feeling stuck to feeling alive, unfulfilled to deeply purposeful.

    When I guide you on my unique, heart-opening breathwork journey, I’ll take you beyond your rational mind into a place of stillness, clarity and depth. It’s here where your deepest purpose and potential can be felt. It’s here where you will uncover more truth, meaning and what it means to be emotionally free.

    Not everyone finds it easy to meditate – it’s difficult to see or feel its immediate impact, especially in a world that teaches us to constantly be on the go. Breathwork offers a powerful alternative, with undeniable & immediate impact.

    Research shows that a regular Breathwork practice can re-wire our brain, assist us in letting go of old patterns and addictions, release heavy emotions, and shift us into a state of more love, gratitude, purpose and presence. Breathwork is the superfood we can all be taking.

    We don’t know how lost we are, until we breathe in a way that allows us to reconnect back into the truth of our heart.

    Why Breathwork?

    During our Breathwork session you will release numerous feel-good chemicals into the brain including Oxytocin, Endorphins, and Dimethyltryptamine (DMT).

    Using a combination of my expertise as a human potential coach and breathwork, I guide my clients to disconnect from the judgement, limiting beliefs and constant chatter that rattles around their head. In doing so you will naturally surrender into a more blissful, creative space, where we naturally uncover access to a new energy where a deeper potential lives.

    This is an energy that gives us clarity about our true purpose and connection to a place that I would describe as love. All this, whilst feeling into a euphoric feeling within the body.

    It’s a magical experience that I feel fortunate to have learned to facilitate, and to be able to offer. It’s my honour to be able to share it with you.

    “I felt so much emotion, I cried a lot and let out so much of the pain I have been holding in for a while now. I cannot thank Ben enough for inviting me to join him and discover the beauty of breath work, I felt calm and totally at peace with his teaching.”

    Hayley Hunt

    Model & TV Presenter

    “Only the second time I've ever done a session. It was such an amazing release, my body was shaking. All the stuck emotion. It's a super powerful tool. Thank you, from the deepest depths of my heart.”

    Amber D’Aniello

    Sound Healer

    “Such a powerful tool and you also transformed it into a magical experience with the right kind of words and the heart-opening music.”

    Susanne Kuhnlein

    Holistic Health Coach

    “This was my first experience of breathwork. I was initially resistant to try it, as I really struggle with activities which force me to be in my body, but I took this as a sign I needed to give it a go. I really appreciate the way Ben held the space, and allowed me to participate in a way in which I felt comfortable and safe. I don’t think I would have trusted anyone else to guide me. The experience was powerful, moving, and inspiring. I released so many emotions, and afterwards I felt a sense of lightness, freedom, and positivity. I was really amazed at how profound the impact of the session was. I'm really grateful to Ben for providing me with this opportunity.”


    “I was nervous as I know it can be uncomfortable but I found ben really calming and soothing and enjoyed the opening and closing of the session very much.”


    “It was truly mind blowing. I left feeling simultaneously ecstatic, while deeply at peace with myself. Ben is an exceptional facilitator of breathwork, profoundly skilled and caring”

    Vincent Pericard

    Ex Professional Footballer

    “It was wonderful. I went very deep and had great insights. Having this experience by being held within the safe space that you created with your radiant (masculine) energy was healing in itself, since i normally always choose the safety of a female facilitator/ female participants. Thank you very, very much!”


    “The experience was magical. It was also surprising, VERRRRY relaxing (the calm voice paired with the perfect music), and peaceful. Surprising because I released quite a bit of tension from my low back, and I did not know I had ANY tension or tightness in my low back. I 111% would recommend this to my friends because the benefits can be felt far beyond the session.”


    Mindful Accountant

    “Literally breathtaking, thank you Ben.”


    Psychology Trainee

    “One of the most powerful sessions I've ever done. I left feeling like my heart expanded just a bit more, even when i thought that wasn't possible...I wanted to express my gratitude and just appreciation for how simple and yet beautiful the experience was.”

    Caterina Spinelli

    Dharma Coach

    “Due to past experiences with breathwork I had a lot of anxiety before my session with Ben, I felt so much lighter after and like I'd been on a magical journey that I previously wouldn't have thought was possible for me.”

    Helen Boast

    Social Media Creator

    “Ben guided the most powerful breathwork session I've experienced to date, he has an incredible ability to hold a space that feels safe & expressive. It was a remarkable & insightful journey, both energising and deeply emotional, & freeing of limiting beliefs that I was not conscious of.”

    Rick Cooper

    Men's Coach

    1-2-1 Breathwork Experience

    1-2-1 Breathwork Experience

    After an initial consultation, I’ll guide you into a deeply powerful experience to deepen your self awareness and create instant shifts in how you show up. All done over zoom, from the comfort of your own home.

    Couples Workshop

    Couples Workshop

    Join me for an incredible 2 hours, alongside your partner, that will bring love alive again. This is a beautiful and powerful experience that will enhance your relationship, wherever that currently sits.

    6 month Breathwork & Human Potential Programme

    6 month Breathwork & Human Potential Programme

    Join me for an incredible 6 month programme, that combines breathwork and human potential coaching, to uncover a deep learning about who you are, bring you into alignment, and bring alive a purposeful vision and action plan for your future.

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