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    Public Speaking

    Ben has delivered a wide variety of professional talks to different audiences, from the prisoners at Pentonville Prison, to the corporates at HSBC, to festivals and events such as Wilderness & The Mind Body Spirit Festival. In doing so he is pioneering a revolution to change the stigma about mental health whilst encouraging men to open up & connect more with their emotions whilst still retaining their masculinity.

    Off the back of his engaging blog “@thenakedprofessor” & the intimate conversations on The Naked Professors podcast, he has become a popular & inspirational voice in the personal development space. His extremely relatable message brings vulnerability, knowledge & open dialogue on subjects that really matter.

    Most Popular Topics

    Changing the stigma about mental health

    We work on our bodies, track our nutrition & dress to impress…but beneath that, something is often missing. Just like our physical health can be improved, so too can our mental health. It’s time to strip away the stigma & embrace the work we can do to feel good, as highly as we do looking good. Drawing from his own personal story, Ben openly guides the audience to discover:

    1) Why our mental health matters
    2) How to improve it
    3) Takeaways to live a more fulfilling life.

    Masculinity, who is a real man in 2021?

    Masculinity is under fire, men are increasingly becoming unsure of who they are meant to be in today’s world.

    Ben is a man who has lived two very different lives. Having gone from “toxic” habits to an open hearted way of being, this talk discusses why he consciously chose to change his behaviour, how he did so, and why he feels all men are capable and can benefit from his learnings.

    Why happiness isn’t the answer?

    Happiness, happiness, happiness – we have become a culture obsessed with happiness. Anything less and we wear a mask to pretend otherwise, or hide ourselves away so no one notices. In this eye opening talk, Ben looks at the reality of our unhealthy drive for happiness and how a change in attitude can lead to a more fulfilling life experience.

    This talk looks at what is true happiness, why its ok to not be ok and how to discover whats missing in your life.

    Finding peace in a chaotic world

    Online workshop to help deliver peace and calm into the hearts of the audience during challenging times.

    This session looks into our relationship with our emotions and how to engage with them healthily, how to introduce helpful thinking patterns & a tool (which we will go through together) to release anxiety and fear.

    How to find self-love & why it matters

    Self-love has an air of mystique about it. Is it narcissistic & arrogant, a licence to succumb to temptation or a vital part of good mental health?

    In this talk Ben looks at what self-love really is, why there is a lack of self-love across society & how we can include it as a healthy and fundamental part of our mental health care.

    Vulnerability & emotional health

    We are regularly being told that it’s important to talk to others about how we feel, and to look after our mental health. But are we truly understanding how?

    In this talk Ben embodies the power of feeling into your emotions ,whilst sharing his learnings about how we can all look after ourselves so that we can feel healthy & happy at our core.

    Emotions matter, being vulnerable is a great strength.

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