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    About Ben

    The story so far

    No one teaches us how to live a fulfilling life, or how to live to our potential.

    We go through life chasing what we think we want,

    but does it really fulfil us? And are we living to our true potential?

    As a human potential coach who has helped thousands of people create life changing transformation, I can confidently say, we’re not.

    And for 30 years of my life neither was I.

    I followed the path of what I thought would see me thrive as a man. That meant to become unemotional and chase financial success and female adoration.

    I did a pretty decent job, and managed to present a “successful” life.

    But deep within, there was a nagging, uneasy sense of “is this it?”

    I felt like my life was lacking meaning and purpose. Perhaps that’s something you’re feeling too?

    Looking back, I can see I was right to question things.

    There really WAS something missing all along….

    When a hypnotherapist accidentally entered my life over 10 years ago, I wasn’t looking to change, I was just intrigued to see if I could enhance my sexual experiences. 

    But the therapist guided me to see what I really needed, and I soon found myself shedding who I unconsciously thought I needed to be, and becoming who I really was.

    A challenging experience, but an incredibly liberating one….

    I was expanding my personality and allowing more potential to come alive, which was enhancing my relationships and whole experience of life.

    And as I was evolving, a realisation came to me;

    If someone like me, who was previously so closed to change, was now growing like I was, then anyone else can too.

    So I decided to go “all in” and dedicate my life to helping others achieve the transformation I have.

    I’ve since spent over 10 years studying key human behavioural education; NLP, Life coaching, Logotherapy, Meditation, Breathwork, Human Potential, Trauma (informed) the list goes on.

    Which leads me to where I am today…

    A Human Potential Coach with a custom-built programme – “The Wealth to Fulfilment Blueprint”. An introspective experience that will ensure you have more joy, purpose and fulfilment.

    My work has taken me into leading publications such as The Independent, Forbes, Grazia, Esquire & Men’s Health, as well as some of the most recognisable daytime shows including Sky News, This Morning, Talk Radio & Heart FM.

    When you work with me, you’ll discover how to truly live a BIGGER life.

    Do you want to: 

    • Feel more alive and inspired about the life you live?
    • Have deeply loving and meaningful relationships?
    • Uncover a more expansive potential and live beyond your current limitations?

    If you’re answering ”Yes” to any of these, email me the words “LIVE BIG” in the subject line and I’ll tell you all you need to know…