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    About Ben

    The story so far

    Hi, I’m Ben & I’m a Human Potential Coach and Breathwork Practitioner, who helps people who feel successful in business but unfulfilled in life, elevate their relationships, reconnect to purpose and live a powerful existence, following my Wealth to Fulfilment Blueprint.

    I’m a regular public speaker with one aim; to change the stigma about mental health and masculinity.

    I wasn’t always into this “stuff”, in fact, up until the age of 30 I lived uninspired, driven by other people’s expectations at the cost of my own unique authenticity. Looking back now it’s very clear to me as to why I chose that path; with conformity came the acceptance & validation that gave the deep unconscious parts of me a sense of security. Something I wasn’t aware of, until I did the inner work to fully understand myself.

    What I now know is that external validation doesn’t bring an internal sense of fulfilment. We can tick all the boxes that society deems successful, but unless we understand and live true to ourselves, we’ll find ourselves asking “is there more to life?”. That really summed up how I felt, relatively successful on the outside, but empty on the inside.

    Whilst a part of me craved acceptance & the safety that came with it, another part wanted me to be free to express myself and have meaningful connections with people who mattered. It wanted me to live in tune with my own deepest values, regardless of what everyone else was doing.

    Change started to happen for me when I stopped trying to unconsciously live to impress society, & instead consciously choose to impress myself.

    It’s my belief that we aren’t born to simply conform, or to fit into a system that happens to be right for absolutely everyone. We are individuals with personal values that are unique to who we are. Our job to ourselves is to learn what those values are, & how to live in tune with them.

    Having been on my own journey, my goal is very clear. Every day I aim to show up authentically to inspire my audience to connect more with who they are at their best; that is, the person their heart craves them to be.