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    Thoughts and feedback from some of the people that I have worked with:

    “"I thought it was amazing because I can take away the experiences and relate to things in my life and other family members will look at this in the same way, many thanks Ben."”

    NHS, Fyfe

    “I felt so much emotion, I cried a lot and let out so much of the pain I have been holding in for a while now. I cannot thank Ben enough for inviting me to join him and discover the beauty of breath work, I felt calm and totally at peace with his teaching.”

    Hayley Hunt

    Model & TV Presenter

    “Only the second time I've ever done a session. It was such an amazing release, my body was shaking. All the stuck emotion. It's a super powerful tool. Thank you, from the deepest depths of my heart.”

    Amber D’Aniello

    Sound Healer

    “Such a powerful tool and you also transformed it into a magical experience with the right kind of words and the heart-opening music.”

    Susanne Kuhnlein

    Holistic Health Coach

    “This was my first experience of breathwork. I was initially resistant to try it, as I really struggle with activities which force me to be in my body, but I took this as a sign I needed to give it a go. I really appreciate the way Ben held the space, and allowed me to participate in a way in which I felt comfortable and safe. I don’t think I would have trusted anyone else to guide me. The experience was powerful, moving, and inspiring. I released so many emotions, and afterwards I felt a sense of lightness, freedom, and positivity. I was really amazed at how profound the impact of the session was. I'm really grateful to Ben for providing me with this opportunity.”


    “I was nervous as I know it can be uncomfortable but I found ben really calming and soothing and enjoyed the opening and closing of the session very much.”


    “It was truly mind blowing. I left feeling simultaneously ecstatic, while deeply at peace with myself. Ben is an exceptional facilitator of breathwork, profoundly skilled and caring”

    Vincent Pericard

    Ex Professional Footballer

    “It was wonderful. I went very deep and had great insights. Having this experience by being held within the safe space that you created with your radiant (masculine) energy was healing in itself, since i normally always choose the safety of a female facilitator/ female participants. Thank you very, very much!”


    “The experience was magical. It was also surprising, VERRRRY relaxing (the calm voice paired with the perfect music), and peaceful. Surprising because I released quite a bit of tension from my low back, and I did not know I had ANY tension or tightness in my low back. I 111% would recommend this to my friends because the benefits can be felt far beyond the session.”


    Mindful Accountant

    “Literally breathtaking, thank you Ben.”


    Psychology Trainee

    “One of the most powerful sessions I've ever done. I left feeling like my heart expanded just a bit more, even when i thought that wasn't possible...I wanted to express my gratitude and just appreciation for how simple and yet beautiful the experience was.”

    Caterina Spinelli

    Dharma Coach

    “Due to past experiences with breathwork I had a lot of anxiety before my session with Ben, I felt so much lighter after and like I'd been on a magical journey that I previously wouldn't have thought was possible for me.”

    Helen Boast

    Social Media Creator

    “Ben guided the most powerful breathwork session I've experienced to date, he has an incredible ability to hold a space that feels safe & expressive. It was a remarkable & insightful journey, both energising and deeply emotional, & freeing of limiting beliefs that I was not conscious of.”

    Rick Cooper

    Men's Coach

    “Ben’s talk to our team of construction professionals was relatable, brave and uncomfortable. And we consider uncomfortable a positive point, as it is an essential element in understanding ourselves and making progress in our wellbeing.”

    Galliford Try Construction

    Neus Garriock, Business Development Manager

    “By allowing himself to be vulnerable and to be seen, Ben leads others to do the same and holds a deeply safe space for people to tap into their emotions and express what is in their hearts – something which takes a lot of courage and acceptance. His passion for his work and message is truly inspirational.”

    Bhavini Vyas

    Mind Body Spirit Festival UK

    “Ben captivated our audience with his vulnerability, courage, excellent storytelling and present moment curiosity.”

    Mel Wells

    Founder - Self Love Summit

    “The feedback has been very positive. I thought it was well balanced and a topic that is helping us to keep the conversation alive around mental health and hoping to drive a speak up and speak out culture.”

    Neil Bhoti

    EMEA at HSBC

    “I feel that you speaking vulnerably with the guys was received really well and made it and you, even more authentic. I was very impressed at how you held their attention for such a long time as this is always a challenge when we run groups. A lot of people said afterwards how much they enjoyed listening to you and felt that what you say was very thought provoking.”

    Sophie Dennard

    Assistant Psychologist, HMP Pentonville

    “You were just perfect and we thank you so much for being there.”

    Live Well Events

    “Thanks again Ben, it was great! Have heard nothing but positive feedback so far and they all enjoyed it.”

    Sam Gilding

    Office manager, Mace Group

    “Just wanted to say a huge thank you for last night’s event. We have had such wonderful feedback from our members today, and they are already asking us to get you back”

    Amy Costello

    Owner, F45 Tottenham Court Road

    “Thank you so much for your talk Ben – so authentic, heart felt and inspiring. You actually moved me to tears, the first tears I’ve shed in approx 25 years.”


    “I hope someday your voice is heard all around the world, men need to understand that there is nothing wrong with feelings and they are allowed to feel! I felt so connected with everything you said, you should be very proud of what you are doing!”


    “Hi Ben, I wanted to thank you for your talk today. You were brilliant. As you spoke I couldn’t help but be consumed with how powerful it would be for you to be sharing your message at a conference for men.”


    “I saw you talk today at the Self Love Summit and I was so humbled to listen to you speak. It was like you reached into my head and pulled out everything that was going on. Thank you for being so honest, you are amazing.  ”


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