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    New beginnings?

    New beginnings?
    7 February 2018 admin_bidwell

    So this is a slightly different type of image for me. Only partial nakedness and my face almost visible, I’m sorry if this disappoints on both accounts!

    Please don’t worry (for those of you who are worried!), the raw and vulnerable “naked professor” images are here to stay! But alongside them, I also want to try and engage at another level, because this blog was launched to be about much more than just the images.

    For those of you who get as far as reading these captions, you’ll know that my messages work in tandem with the pictures in expressing my freedom (both mentally and physically), in being vulnerable, raw, open and authentic. These four attributes were missing in my disconnected past but in searching for growth, I’ve learned how much our mind is a powerful possession, that so many of us undervalue and underutilise.

    Through this blog I hope to bring awareness to mental wellness and share better ways of thinking and living. I’m bearing my soul, hoping to inspire my audience to connect with their dreams, find their purpose and live a life that truly fulfills them.

    In pursuing this, I hope there is space for all kinds of images! Apart from anything else, the naked ones aren’t the easiest to capture (plenty of stories around this!) and although they are still a big part of my underlying message, I hope to be able to open up and share more of whom I am and what I stand for, with or without clothes on!

    As part of this journey I will soon be providing guided meditations (think an hour gym class for the mind), workshops, retreats and private coaching. My message is my passion and to be able to share more of it is a wonderful opportunity for me, I hope to meet as many of you along the way as possible. I’ll expand more on these things in later posts but for now, thank you for reading and engaging, have a great day.