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    Who would have thought, breathing gives you wings!

    Who would have thought, breathing gives you wings!
    21 March 2018 admin_bidwell

    Thanks to some incredible sessions with @xhalebreathwork at @methodmovenent I’ve learnt that breathing gives me wings.

    6 years ago I would have laughed at anyone suggesting I attended a breathing class. “I’m pretty sure I already know how to do that thank you very much!”. These days I aim to be open minded and non-judgemental about everything in my life, an attitude that saw me do my first breathing class last week.

    Breath work became of interest to me through the inspirational stories of the incredible @iceman_hof. Wim Hof attributes his 26 world records entirely to breathing techniques that give him the power to change his physiology in a way that science previously said wasn’t possible. To give you some perspective, this is a man best known for staying in ice baths for longer than 90 minutes & running marathons without clothing (except shorts) or shoes across deserts & ice in extreme temperatures.

    Intrigued to find out how he had trained his body to conquer these incredible feats, breathwork was added to my todo list. The universe worked it’s magic and (Wim Hof trained) @xhalebreathwork came into my life. We all breathe, of course, but I was soon learning that most of us do so purely at a functional level. During the classes I inhaled and exhaled in a focused way, very differently to my subconscious norm. The result was that my fully oxygenated body came alive in a way I hadn’t ever experienced before.  

    Which leads me to this, why is it that we are so reluctant to investigate the opportunities that can help us develop and improve the person we are? Many of us are scared of change, but I argue that by surrendering to society’s norm and staying the same, we miss out on unlocking our true potential. As I so often say, so many of us live in this crazy world of being more interested in upgrading our mobile phone than our own operating system.

    It’s up to us to take on new challenges, experiment & fail, to be open minded & non judgemental about the things we haven’t attempted. If we are open minded & brave enough to challenge our norm, who knows what we can become?