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    Freedom lies in being bold

    Freedom lies in being bold
    22 October 2017 admin_bidwell

    Too many of us exist in a life that wasn’t meant for us. Without our own clear thoughts and direction about what we want, we just go with the flow, doing what we think we are supposed to do. Our days are wrapped up in the safety of our comfort zone, content but uninspired, we live in neutral.

    As children we played the game of life as natural risk takers, free from concern or understanding of others judgement. As we grew older, the fear of failure started to creep in, we learned that it was easier to hold ourselves back and attempt fewer and fewer new things. We became afraid of being bold in our choices because of the fear of what other people may think of our unfamiliar decisions, stripping us from exploring and engaging with the edgier sides of our passions. This behaviour comes at a high price, limiting our potential for positive growth and transformation.

    Our comfort zone is our own behavioural place that, through a sense of familiarity and safety, minimises stress and risk. This is a comfortable place to be, the trouble is, despite the content feeling we may have in that moment, our soul gets agitated with resting unchallenged. If we rest too long, we can start to feel bored and anxious, with a deep rooted sense that something significant is missing from our neutral lives.

    While staying in our comfort zone can be, well comfortable, stepping out of it can create the possibility for growth and the fulfillment of our potential. If we all look at our past, it was the achievements that didn’t come easily that make us most proud. There is no growth without challenging ourselves, the old adage is true, if it was easy everyone would do it.

    If I want to achieve in line with my hopes and dreams, I must get comfortable with being uncomfortable. I am here to get out of my comfort zone by standing out from the crowd and in doing so challenge what I think is possible for my life. In sharing unique and bold images I buy myself the freedom to express myself in a vulnerable, authentic state that empowers the messages I am here to write about. This is an increasingly competitive world, it is those who are brave that are often the ones who reap the biggest rewards.