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    The power of vulnerability, episode I

    The power of vulnerability, episode I
    5 April 2018 admin_bidwell

    I’m here to to get out of my comfort zone & make a noise about things that I’m passionate about. That starts with being vulnerable, vulnerable enough to create & share my bare images & tell the stories of my own personal journey. Why? Because I want to inspire positive change & help others grow to maximise their potential.

    It is my belief that the difficulties & troubles we go through in life are the building blocks to our future success. Through the difficult times comes great learning & opportunity, because when we are challenged we come out fighting & do things others (including our previous selves) wouldn’t do, it’s then that we grow. The difficult times I have endured (both personally and in business) is why my profile is here today, without these difficulties would I have found the strength & willing to get my more “risky” images done? The answer is undoubtedly no.

    Yet this blog has been the most wonderfully liberating gift I can possibly give myself. As vulnerability queen  @brenebrown tells us, when you are comfortable enough to share your flaws, no one can hold them against you. That’s exactly what’s going on here, my vulnerability in sharing, is what is making me strong.

    Through my posts, I was lucky enough to meet @vicky_chilten_photography & we talked about our mutual desire to add authenticity & vulnerability into the world. I am doing so through my imagery & open writing, Vicky is doing so through unedited, raw imagery that captures real, authentic & vulnerable stories in there natural beauty. In a photographic world dominated by photoshop, Vicky’s pictures stood out for me in being authentic & minimalistic. Our paths aligned, we spent a couple of hours together to capture our mutual passions, I’ll be sharing more images like the one above, to empower the vulnerable message alongside it.

    Being vulnerable is something that comes when we stop hiding ourself back from the world & stop pretending to be someone ruled by our head rather than our heart. Are you brave enough to find your freedom by sharing the real you to the world?

    📸 @vicky_chilten_photography