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    • Oct092017

      Live creatively, show the world your art

      As children we start out life with a creative spirit, relentlessly engaging with and chasing the things that we naturally…

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    • Sep272017

      Confidence isn’t walking into a room thinking you’re better than everyone else, it’s walking in not having to compare yourself to anyone at all.

      This is a blog that is close to my heart. Contrary to the images you see as part of this…

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    • Sep142017

      Follow your own path, others approval is not needed.

      Where does your mind naturally go when you let it dream of the life you want? As human beings we…

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    • Sep062017

      Free your mind and the rest will follow

      Be careful how you talk to yourself because you are listening. It took me sometime to understand what was meant…

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    • Sep042017

      Who seeks shall find…

      Our brains are conditioned to figure out ways to get us what we want in life, but to help it…

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    • Aug142017

      We belong where we feel free

      I stand here physically expressing my freedom, but it is living emotionally free that my heart yearns. For I will…

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    • Aug072017

      If you want to be strong, be yourself.

      A lot of us do not know what we are truly capable of. We suppress the creative qualities that lie…

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    • Jul312017

      When things feel like an uphill struggle, remind yourself of the view from the top

      Many of us know we want to make changes in our lives but we don’t take the necessary action to…

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    • Jul262017

      No one moved forward standing still.

      We are never perfectly prepared when we embark on a new challenge. There are always reasons why now is not…

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    • Jul212017

      Some people would love to have your bad day.

      We all experience bad days, even the rich and famous. But no matter what we are going through at any…

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    • Jul112017

      To be interesting, be interested.

      If we adopt an interested and curious attitude, we open up the opportunity to be engaged by life, more connected…

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    • Jul102017

      Break the rules. Live your life. Find your freedom.

      We aren’t here to live a life that sounds great to others. We weren’t born to do things because others…

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    • Jul052017

      Let the adventure begin…

      I walk here exposing my soul, choosing to break the rules and live outside of society’s norms, so I can…

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