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    Live creatively, show the world your art

    Live creatively, show the world your art
    9 October 2017 admin_bidwell

    As children we start out life with a creative spirit, relentlessly engaging with and chasing the things that we naturally love. As we grow older, other people’s thoughts and opinions grow louder, influencing our thinking and behaviour. If we are insecure or uncertain about the person we are, these opinions can become more significant than our own internal voice. In doing so they can suffocate our own unique authenticity and push us to become a safe version of ourselves that conforms with what society considers to be normal.

    If we don’t spend time establishing what it is that we truly want in life, it is natural for us to follow the crowd and embark on the most comfortable and obvious path ahead so that we can pay the bills. In doing so, we steer ourselves towards an existence that society wants us to have, and we forget about living to feed our soul and obtain inner peace.

    Three factors play a significant role in steering us away from chasing our hopes and dreams. 1) Our brain is programmed to naturally steer us away from risks. 2) Society is constantly channeling us in a direction that it determines to be normal. 3) We have become increasingly greedy and driven by financial wealth. When we are negatively influenced by these factors we are compelled to make major choices in our lives that don’t lead us to a fulfilled existence. What saddens me most about this is that successful living is now judged by society on how much money we have in the bank and what car we drive, when in reality surely successful living should be marked against how happy and how fulfilled a life we live?

    In showing our unique and creative talents that sets ourselves apart from the crowd, our ego can perceive it as abnormal, see risk and hold us back. However, when we are creative we tap into our true self, we do the things that require us to get out of our comfort zone that may not come so naturally to others. In doing the these things that serve our soul, we walk the path we were born to follow and our life can change from ordinary to extraordinary. Our creativity is one of the greatest qualities we are all blessed with, yet very few of us allow it to be expressed.

    So I’m here, in my own unique way, to share a message that we can all live with greater freedom and fulfilment by creating and following our own vision for our life. To do this, we need to understand that living a creative life in line with our values is what makes life fun. When we express our creative talents and communicate with the truth within our hearts, we start to heal the aches within that long for more, and our soul begins to finally feel a sense of fulfilment.

    Let’s remove ourselves from the notion that living creatively in line with our passions is only reserved for the elite or lucky ones. With access to the internet we have every opportunity to learn, discover and grow in whatever field we are interested in. Let’s take the time to feed our mind, live creatively and show the world our art, like we did in the happy days of childhood.

    Remember, our life is our opportunity to create our own story, let’s make it one we are proud of. We can create our destiny by spending time on getting clear about what it is we want and work hard to turn our plan into a reality. We are all blessed with creativity, It’s there for us to use in any environment, let’s get out there and stop being afraid to show it to the world. A creative talent that is never seen or heard is the most wasted of all things. Don’t let fear suppress your potential, live for your passions, share the unique talent you have within, tell your story.