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    Let the adventure begin…

    Let the adventure begin…
    5 July 2017 admin_bidwell

    I walk here exposing my soul, choosing to break the rules and live outside of society’s norms, so I can exist free from the restrictions of conformity. It’s time for me to get out of my comfort zone and stare fear in the face, for it will no longer be a suppressor of my hopes and dreams.

    I once lived uninspired under the governance of the London corporate world, wondering if this was all my life was meant to be. While some flourish in the security and day to day structure of the corporate lifestyle, I felt trapped. My creativity was stripped and an office imprisoned me, I was no longer mentally or physical free.

    Determined to bring something creative, authentic and maybe even a little rebellious to my life, I stepped away from career ladders to study the things that inspired me. As I embark on this adventure, enriched from an education about the things that I love, I now walk free, unrestricted and excited about creating my own destiny.

    I am a man who has experienced failure and rejection in both business and in love, but through these lessons I’ve learnt about my passions and strengthened my will. And so, after much soul searching, plotting and dreaming, I stand here to express myself in my own unique way, let loose, free from my limiting beliefs and corporate imprisonment.

    I now run through forests and mountains and jump in the sea, rise with the sun and feel the wind in my hair, to discover new horizons and create beautiful memories. I’ll be silly, I’ll be strange but I’ll always be kind, for I am free and while society may say I am poor, my soul is rich.

    I am here to bring awareness to mental and physical health by exposing and sharing my emotional freedom. So as I get off my butt to practice what I preach, I’ll share my vulnerabilities and express my strengths and passions, in the hope that this adventure to who knows where, brings joy and inspiration to whoever decides to follow me.  

    I want to spread a message of hope and inspiration, we have only one life, let’s explore and dream of what might be. Life is for living, it starts and ends within ourselves and the mindset we adopt. Don’t sell your soul short, fight for yourself and what you represent, and do with your life what your heart craves most of all.