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    When things feel like an uphill struggle, remind yourself of the view from the top

    When things feel like an uphill struggle, remind yourself of the view from the top
    31 July 2017 admin_bidwell

    Many of us know we want to make changes in our lives but we don’t take the necessary action to make things happen. Instead we let fear overpower the connection we have to our motivation and in doing so, suppress our instinct to move forward and achieve.

    We must form a deep connection with what we stand to gain (and regularly remind ourselves of this) if we are to complete meaningful challenges and goals in our life. The strength and relationship we have with our desire for change and to improve as a person is one of the most important factors in achieving what it is we want.

    In other words, motivation is the reason why we do things. We can be motivated by positive or negative factors, but regardless of whether it is a desire for change, or to add something new to our lives, it is always down to the strength of our motivation as to whether or not we take the necessary action. Its this that can be the difference between success and failure, between living with a feeling of fulfillment or anxiety.

    I place a lot of emphasis on finding our purpose in life: What is it we really want to achieve? How do we want to live this one life we have been given? Personally my life experiences so far have taught me that I want to live free, emotionally free to express myself without fear of judgement and physically free from corporate governance. Without freedom I am alive but my soul is asleep.

    When we know our purpose and have a vision for our life we have the opportunity to align our daily habits, behaviours and actions with the things that really matter, the things that make us truly fulfilled. A clear vision and inspirational goals give us the chance to live our best life.

    Nobody can physically make changes for us, we can pay experts help and guide us but unless we get clear and connected with why it is we want to achieve something, we’ll always struggle to do the remarkable things that will bring our life true purpose and fulfillment.

    If we want something, we’ll make an effort to get there, if we aren’t bothered in the first place then we’re unlikely to take any action at all. Our motivation for life and what we want from it has to come from within, we have to inspire ourselves to connect with what truly matters and then invest in ourselves to take the necessary action.

    To do something special we will probably have to do things others either aren’t prepared to do or aren’t capable of doing. If we want something enough and we are connected to our motivation, then we’ll go above and beyond our normal behaviour, that’s when special things enter our lives.

    Do you lack enthusiasm and an appetite for the life you lead? Do you often say you will do something but rarely actually achieve it? If so, you may want to look at how you are connecting with your motivation. It is easy to lose sight of what we become if we achieve what we set out to, if we allow this to happen, we may never reach our potential in life. It’s no coincidence only special people achieve special things, it requires a special kind of person to stay highly motivated. When things feel like an uphill struggle, remind yourself of the view from the top to help you find the inspiration to take all important action.