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    Follow your own path, others approval is not needed.

    Follow your own path, others approval is not needed.
    14 September 2017 admin_bidwell

    Where does your mind naturally go when you let it dream of the life you want? As human beings we are programmed to be cautious and risk adverse, this steers us to naturally choose to conform to what society considers normal. The result is that by following the path most well trodden, some of us push our talents and passions to one side for a more secure existence. Conforming to normality at the cost of our own dreams will cause us inner emotional pain and prevent us from living a truly fulfilling life.

    The world is full of unhappy people living in the wrong environments because that’s what they think is expected of them. We have to stop seeking approval and living other people’s life in the hope we feel “normal” and more accepted.

    Let’s look to restructure our lives around our own personal values and passions, they are there in our lives for a reason. To live a fulfilling life that truly inspires us, let’s immerse ourselves in our passions and create a vision so that they can become a leading part in our lives and generate a business around them. When we work with our passions it shines through in our performance and the universe conspires to help us in ways we couldn’t imagine, helping to make our dreams a reality.

    The internet provides us with unbelievable resources meaning there is no better time to follow your path to your dream. Start by making small steps by prioritising time to research and create your own vision for where you want your life to go. Very few people spend time on this, yet without clarity on what it is they want, how do they expect to achieve it?

    Discover the way that is most suitable to you, follow your own path, create your own environment, surround yourself with the people and places who will make you grow and practice your skills until they become something amazing and valuable. Find a place where you are truly who you want to be and follow that path, in doing so your life will become a manifestation of who you really are.

    If your passions lie with watching netflix or playing video games and you’re struggling to find a business opportunity out of them, then try other things that may bring more good to your life. The world has so many diverse things to offer, go exploring and see what you find that serves your soul and opens your mind.

    When you step outside of what society would consider a “normal” path, you will experience resistance, this may come from your parents who are concerned about your financial well being or even of what their friends may say about your plans. But this is your life and you should spend it doing the things that matter and are constructive towards the best life for you. Most of us conform, not because that path inspires us but because that feels like the easy and most accepted option. Create your own path in life and always remember that luck is an accumulation of superior effort and focused execution.