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    To be interesting, be interested.

    To be interesting, be interested.
    11 July 2017 admin_bidwell

    If we adopt an interested and curious attitude, we open up the opportunity to be engaged by life, more connected in our relationships and more capable of experiencing moments of true meaning. Being interested is a trait of the geniuses of this world, the explorers, the people who have an appetite to learn about other people and different experiences, these are the people who fascinate others.

    Being interested is about being perceptive about the environment we exist, regardless of whether it initially appears unfamiliar or uninteresting. If we listen hard with an open mind and use our powers of observation to take note of what is happening in the present moment, we can transform everyday tasks into enjoyable experiences that stimulate our minds and inspire our soul.

    There are so many amazing and interesting things in the world, we can all make more of an effort to seek them out, immerse ourselves in them and give them greater appreciation. Once we start getting interested in life, we will find it easier to contribute to conversations with more purpose and have more to offer in social environments.

    Let’s view every minute of every day as a learning experience, an opportunity to discover something new or insightful. We regularly find enough time to watch mindless television that teaches us nothing, perhaps it’s time to reconsider what we spend our time actually doing? Let’s prioritise our involved in the things that excite us and explore our passions with intensity. What inspires you and makes you feel alive, what gets you out of bed in the morning?

    If we aren’t happy with the things in our lives then we owe it to ourselves to research new skills and dig deeper into the topics that stimulate us. We have to invest in ourselves to develop and work on our potential, if we are stimulated then we must take it upon ourselves to become more inquisitive about what others do, or at the very least start doing something different that we haven’t experienced before. We can all ask questions with genuine interest and meaning, it’s whether we choose to put the energy and thought into doing so.  

    We don’t have to take what we are now as what we always have to be, we can challenge ourselves to open our minds to new aspects of life and investigate new things. With new experiences comes new knowledge, ideas and perspectives that will expand our awareness of this magnificent world around us. We’re surrounded by wonders, great and small, modern and old, can you sense the opportunity to learn more about the things around you? It’s my belief that we don’t lack wonders, we simply lack wonder.

    The internet provides us with the ability to discover anything about everything and share the things that interest us. We can meet like minded people without having to leave our home or attend meetups about whatever topic we chose. We can buy books instantly and have access to blogs that help us learn and grow in whatever ways we want to. There really is no excuse not to get interested in what this world has to offer, we owe it to ourselves to start seeking out the opportunity around us.

    When we are interested in life and the people around us, we get to have real conversations with deeper connections that actually matter. Let’s get better at inviting our friends to talk about themselves and what they truly care about, practice the novelty of listening, It’s not all about you or your stories, that’s not where the real and deep connections are made, good conversations come from both speaking and most importantly, listening. If the person you’re with is quietly spoken or is of a shy nature, why not dig that bit deeper, everyone has a story if you’re interested enough to find out about it.

    Be attentive in your listening, deliberate and honest with your words, passionate about your interests and relentlessly interested in the things going on around you in life. In doing so you will find others are drawn to you and you will discover magical conversations and deep, meaningful connections with the people in our lives. Be interested and you will soon become interesting.