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    No one moved forward standing still.

    No one moved forward standing still.
    26 July 2017 admin_bidwell

    We are never perfectly prepared when we embark on a new challenge. There are always reasons why now is not the right time or why more needs to be done before we make our move. But as the great philosopher Napoleon Hill once said, “start where you stand and work with whatever tools you may have at your command and better tools will be found as you go along”.

    I’ve given many unfulfilled years to a life that didn’t inspire me. While I was settling for the comfort of conformity, my soul was suppressed, quietly sleeping alongside my dreams.

    Society wanted me to keep following the safety of the crowd, to keep doing what others considered normal. But my heart had a dream of what I could be outside of the norm and the pain of denial began to outweigh the pain of risk, change and the unknown. The choice was simple for me, stand still and conform against my hopes and dreams or make my own move to seek the things that truly fulfilled me.

    So I looked to my soul to understand my strengths and purpose in life. I read inspirational blogs and watched motivational videos that inspired me to think creatively. I listened to my soul and encouraged my mind to wander to where it felt most energised. In doing so I started to fuel my passion for what I could become if I dared to chase what I really wanted in life.

    As I became clear on the path I wanted to follow, I engrossed my mind and spent time studying what I needed to know so that I could become an expert in my chosen field. As I listened, read and learned, my vision of what might be started to come alive. I was developing the motivation that would excite me to create a plan and lead me to take all important action.

    For all my hopes and dreams, without action, my journey would still be nothing but a faraway wish wrapped under the weight of my doubts and fears. Without action, my future was safe but my soul, unfulfilled and uninspired, would still be sleeping.

    With every blog I now post, I become more aware that the life I was previously living never truly reflected who I am. With each picture we capture I am shaking free the limiting beliefs  that restricted my growth and life experiences until this point.

    We have a responsibility for our own lives, no one is going to do it for us. We must understand and accept where we are in this moment and do what we have to do to get to where we want to go. It’s our decision to make changes if our lives aren’t where we want it to be, that only comes from taking action.

    Let’s dig deep inside our soul and search for what we want until we become clear enough to take some kind of action towards it, however small these steps may be. This passion paves our road ahead, it’s our job to walk on it and we will find things start to happen. If we change nothing then we must expect more of the same, if we do interesting things then we’ll find interesting things start to happen. This is how the universe works, get it on your side by taking inspired and passionate action.

    If you feel a burn inside longing to know if there is more to your life, I want you to act, I want you to do something positive that takes you closer to your dreams, even if that means simply facing your fears by taking even the smallest step. If you are just at the beginning, or perhaps even in the middle as I am, remember, you are capable of creating your own dreams. Now how will you start?