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    My #promisefortheworld

    My #promisefortheworld
    25 February 2018 admin_bidwell

    I often write about the importance of behaving in a way that makes us proud of the person we are. For me that means living consciously and intentionally, being aware of my actions and the implications they have on my soul, other people and our planet.

    This began with a lot of self introspection, I looked at the areas of my life I wasn’t happy with and took deliberate action to help bring about change. Next came an assessment of what mattered to me beyond my inner self. Do I add value to other people and this planet, or do I cause unnecessary suffering for my own selfish benefit and contribute negatively towards environmental issues?

    I sometimes get told that life is too short and that I am only one of approximately 8 billion people, can my individual footprint really make a difference? I understand these perspectives, but this is about more than what initially meets the eye.

    Yes I absolutely want our planet to thrive so that our children can enjoy the resources and opportunity that we enjoy. But this is also about me being connected to the environment around me and wanting to consciously choose the best way of living that makes me proud of the person I am. Our soul craves for us to consciously live in line with our deepest values and if we fail, we will struggle to obtain inner peace and self-love, and open the doors to depression and anxiety.

    Having done some amazing work in removing all single use plastic from @1rebeluk new Southbank gym, @talillahenchoz recently tagged me into the @wwf_uk initiative asking me to share my #promisefortheplanet. I love this campaign and fully support the concept of all of us living more mindfully and doing more to protect the resources of this wonderful planet.

    So my #promisefortheplanet is to eat mindfully and avoid the unnecessary use of plastic in my life. I have stopped buying plastic water bottles, choosing instead to drink from a reusable, filtered container from @camlebak and I’m using the same individual shopping bag wherever possible. It’s not much right now, but it’s a start and I hope to do a lot more as I continue to educate myself in this area and gain more inspiration from the incredible people tagged in this post.

    I believe life is too short to live in blissful ignorance because it makes our own life that tiny bit better from a selfish perspective. I am no longer happy to live naively or to not give recognition to the things going on in this world outside of my immediate eyesight. Thank you @talillahenchoz and @wwf_uk for bringing awareness to conscious living, are you choosing to open your eyes and serve your soul in line with your deepest values?