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    Quiet your mind, and your soul will speak

    Quiet your mind, and your soul will speak
    9 February 2018 admin_bidwell

    In my hometown of London we live in the fast lane, rushing from place to place, rarely stopping to check in with ourselves to see and understand the direction we are heading. Mindlessly rushing to keep up with the hectic pace around us, we are conscious of living ambitiously whilst juggling the constant pressures of everyday life.

    Exhausted, we find ourselves wrestling with anxiety and a sense that something is missing deep within, our happiness and sense of fulfillment killed in the process. Disconnected to our true purpose, we chase egotistical and short term happiness fixes without clear direction and deep rooted meaning.

    Heavily influenced by society and the environment around us, we live in our heads, seeking acceptance and validation from others at the expense of our own values. This way of being sees us fail to represent the person we truly are and leaves our heart empty and malnourished. It’s now that we question, maybe there is more to life?

    We are told that the power lies within us, but how do we get from this place of stress and anxiety, to a feeling of inner peace and fulfillment? How do we restore balance and reclaim our freedom to live inspired and with purpose? The answer, science tells us, is meditation:

    I am so excited to announce that I will be carrying out a guided meditation at @activeinstyle‘s shop on the Kings Road in Chelsea, SW3 on Wednesday 21st February. It is my aim to introduce you to the importance of quieting your mind to allow the soul to speak. With the mind clear, it becomes open to hearing the messages that lie deep within, the messages our heart is desperate for our conscious mind to hear. It is in this place that your true purpose can come to the surface and your life can take on a more meaningful existence.

    Come and join me on this journey to discover connection, purpose and deep fulfillment. What it is you’ve been missing all this time?