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    You are the CEO of your life

    You are the CEO of your life
    22 January 2018 admin_bidwell

    It may be a strange question, but are you aware of your role & responsibility as the CEO of your life?

    As the sole decision maker, are you doing things that serve your best & truest intentions, in line with the values that you stand for, regardless of societies judgements? Are you working hard to discover & share the potential within you? When you ask yourself if you are living a truly fulfilled life, what answer do you find deep within? Are you clear on your purpose & what you want to achieve in this game of life?

    I ask these questions because without clarity about what we truly want & a connection to who is in control of our lives, there is no focus & direction behind our actions. By living without clarity, we unconsciously choose to follow the crowd and fall in danger of life passing us by without purpose or meaning. In doing so we choose to operate within our comfort zone and don’t live as fully as we could. With a sense that something is missing in our life, an empty feeling can creep into the depths of our soul.

    Opportunities beyond our current reality arrive when we take responsibility for where we our at & we connect with & follow our passions or values. How often do you think of something you truly want to do, but then talk yourself out of it through your own inner conversation? So often we fall into a trap of forgetting to live with integrity and being true to our word and instead choose to follow the emotion that sweeps us away in that moment. An example of this is wanting to go to the gym because we know it’s good for our health, but in the moment of getting off the sofa to leave, we stay where we are, warm and comfortable. It is no coincidence that the happiest and most proud people live with great integrity and deep rooted self love.

    My favourite inspirational speaker, @thelesbrown, talks about how the wealthiest place on earth is the graveyard. It is here that so many of the greatest gifts & ideas are buried with our souls, because we succumbed to society and never took action to bring them to life. The number one regret of the dying is a wish that they had the courage to live a life true to themselves, not the life others expected of them.

    So let’s get clear that we are 100% responsible for our own life; for the decisions we make, the actions we take, the happiness we feel within, our own wealth & health. In other words, we are the CEO of our life. Look at the departments of your life – health, relationships / connection & belonging, career, wealth, our own joy & personal space, spirituality & our contribution to society. Many of us get wrapped up in our career & wealth, because we wrongly believe money and possessions will make us happy. In doing so we neglect the other aspects of the circle of life & as a result there are certain times when an empty feeling sits within. To live a truly fulfilling life, we should give attention to all aspects of our life & check in with ourselves to ensure we have the balance right in where we focus our attention and prioritise our time.

    When I started to look at myself as the CEO of my life, I became clear that it was up to me to lead in a way that would best serve my soul, in line with my deep values. It made me step up to be my own leader & ensure I was living in a way that made me proud of the person I was. As the CEO, I want to fulfill my potential to my best capacity – because that’s what I believe I owe myself and how best to feel proud of the person I am.

    When you look at where you are today, how do you rate your performance as the boss of your life? Are your aware of where you want to go, with a vision & clear goals? Is there more you could do to live to your true potential? Are you running your life in a way that makes you truly proud of the person you are? So often we are quick to blame others and provide circumstantial excuses for the things going on in our lives. When we become connected to our deeper emotions and take responsibility to run our life in accordance to how we actually want to live it, we become empowered & capable of living in a more fulfilled way.