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    Why the nakedness?

    Why the nakedness?
    15 January 2019 admin_bidwell

    I frequently get asked “why the nakedness”, & quite understandably! Some of my imagery is pretty out there & does take some explaining…

    I’ve lived in two very different ways, the first 30 years are represented in the image on the left. Head bowed, here is a man who was deeply concerned by what others thought of him, a way of being that led me to live an ego based life seeking others approval. I was disconnected to who I really was & had no understanding of what made me feel good on the inside. I lacked authenticity & as I was unable to go beneath the surface, there was no deep connection with anyone, including myself. This was most evident when I consider that I was unable to express any love for my Mum, someone I have always loved very much. What hope did I have of immersing myself in a truly fulfilling relationship when I couldn’t tell my own Mum that I loved her?

    Without love in my life, either for myself or other people, I lived a shallow & empty existence. This way of being looked like I was doing just fine, societies measurable boxes (money, job, girls, parties etc) were ticked, so things appeared pretty good. On the surface I had so much, the perception to others would have been that I must either be happy or simply ungrateful. The truth is, however good it looked, on the inside it felt empty.

    The right hand image is here to represent a new version of me who is willing to strip away my protective masks & share my vulnerability, because in being vulnerable I give myself the freedom to bare my soul without fear of judgement. These pictures are here to celebrate a new way of being that feels rather than thinks, loves rather than judges & creates rather than follows. None of these ways of being have come easily & they’ve taken a lot of work, but by embracing them in recent years, my life has come alive.

    I’m not here to be for everyone, for we are all unique & have own methods & values. Instead I hope to reach an audience that are intrigued to know more, growth & change is there for us all, for that I can be the biggest advocate.