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    World Earth Day

    World Earth Day
    23 April 2018 admin_bidwell

    Having been offline this wkd, I am a day late but wanted to share a message about #worldearthday.

    As I’ve grown older and started to live more consciously, the beauty of the planet and more specifically, the way we treat it, has become of growing importance to me.

    There are a number of areas I believe we can all help to implement change to aid this incredible place to become a sustainable and beautiful place for our future generations to live. Simple things such as limiting the amount of single use plastic in our lives & eating responsibility by understanding what we are putting on our plates & the implications around that, will make a huge difference if done collectively. Of equal importance, you get to feel good about yourself and the positive impact you are making in your life. When you feel proud of yourself, your own life changes for the better.

    Only 12% of plastic is successfully recycled & one rubbish truck of plastic is unloaded into the sea every minute. Fish and animals are consuming it & are being aggressively fished for our consumption, our coral is disappearing through rising global temperatures. To cut a long story short, our seas are dying quickly. If the sea dies, our planet dies too.

    Scientists say that change can start happening on a global level when 100 million people begin to implement the same thing. This is very doable if we all take it upon ourselves to start living more consciously for the greater good of our planet.

    Let’s reconnect with our beautiful globe, appreciate the natural, stunning beauty around us &  be thankful for the opportunity we have in being present on this land today. Are you providing a positive footprint by leaving Planet Earth in a better place than when you arrived, or are you draining it of its resources without thought or an offer of help?

    Let’s remember, we aren’t inheriting the earth from our ancestors, but borrowing it from our children.