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    • Jan032020

      Change – My last 10 years

      I do feel a little cliched (& late to the party!) posting the decade comparison image above, but it’s a…

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    • Oct312019

      Connection, what’s it all about?

      This is Karen, one of the beautiful souls that came to my & @jogabeats Ibiza retreat 2 weeks ago. Karen…

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    • Sep122019

      Staying present, gratitude & celebrating life

      The sun has set on a beautiful summers break. With it being my first holiday of the year, I was…

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    • Aug292019

      Embracing change – the challenge men face.

      I did an Insta live with @thisisamyrushworth last night & a topic came up again that I’d like to write…

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    • Aug202019

      Learnings from Ishaya Monk, Sandy Newbigging

      I spent the last few days in the Catalan mountains with my friend & mentor @sandynewbigging. Sandy & I originally…

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    • Jul172019

      Getting out of my comfort zone…

      Deep down I’ve always wanted to be able to sing, but I’m not good at it, not good at all!…

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    • Jun062019

      Masculinity…my truth.

      Let me tell you about what masculinity represented for me growing up as a child. As a boy of the…

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    • Jan152019

      Why the nakedness?

      I frequently get asked “why the nakedness”, & quite understandably! Some of my imagery is pretty out there & does…

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    • Jan032019

      Why we fail at our NY resolutions

      Here we go then, it’s that time of year, new year = new me. It’s a natural period for lots…

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    • Sep192018

      Body Confidence – where I think it really comes from

      With Tess Holliday appearing on the front cover of Cosmopolitan magazine, I’ve read a lot of blogs around body confidence…

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